Students' Rights: Animal Dissection

Former Governor Casey signed into law Act 1992-88, an act amending the Public School Code of 1949. Section 15-1523, Title 24, PA Consolidated Statutes, entitled, 'Pupils' Right of Refusal; Animal Dissection', gives all students in public or non-public schools, from kindergarten through grade 12, the right to 'refuse to dissect, vivisect, incubate, capture or otherwise harm or destroy animals or any parts thereof as part of their course of instruction'.

Should any parent and child elect not to dissect, vivisect, incubate, or participate in other activities harmful to animals, a letter should be sent to the teacher with a carbon copy to the building principal requesting an alternate educational project. The letter should be sent prior to the actual lesson so that arrangements can be made for alternate placement for the child on that day.

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