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Title 22 Education, Chapter 16: Special Education for Gifted Students regulations, the Parent Guide to Gifted Education, the Basic Education Circular Special Education for Gifted Students and the Gifted Guidelines reflect Pennsylvania's commitment to gifted students as "children with exceptionalities" and therefore in need of specially designed instruction.

Gifted education is the shared responsibility of the Bureau of Special Education and the Bureau of Teaching and Learning Support. The integrated approach commits both Bureaus to providing support for Chapter 16.


The multiple criteria indicating a student may be mentally gifted include:

  • A year or more above grade achievement level in one or more subjects as measured by nationally normed and validated achievement tests.
  • An observed or measured rate of acquisition/retention of new academic content or skills.
  • Demonstrated achievement, performance or expertise in one or more academic areas as evidenced by excellence of products, portfolio, or research, as well as criterion-referenced team judgement.
  • Early and measured use of high level thinking skills, academic creativity, leadership skills, intense academic interest areas, communication skills, foreign language aptitude or technology expertise.
  • Documented, observed, validated or assessed evidence that intervening factors such as English as a second language, learning disability, physical impairment, emotional disability, gender or race bias, or socio/cultural deprivation are masking gifted abilities.

Your child must meet one of either criteria in order to be eligible for gifted education.

Your child may be eligible for gifted education if he or she:

  • Is identified by a Licensed School Psychologistas having an IQ of 130 or higher.

  • If student has an IQ under 130, is identified by a licensed School Psychologist as achieving 12 or more points on the PA Gifted Matrix.

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