Discipline is the training that develops self-control, character, orderliness, and efficiency. It is the key to good conduct and proper consideration for other people.

It is the responsibility of students to:

  • Be aware of all rules for student behavior and conduct themselves in accord with them.
  • Volunteer information about the health, safety, and welfare of the school community and protection of school property.
  • Dress and groom to meet for standards of safety and health and not cause substantial disruption.
  • Assist staff in operating a safe school
  • Comply with state and local laws.
  • Exercise proper care when using public facilities and equipment.
  • Express their ideas and opinions in a respectful manner.
  • Report accurately and avoid indecent or obscene language in student publications.

If students do not accept their responsibilities, appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken by school staff. Disciplinary options include:

  • Verbal reprimand
  • Special assignment
  • Counseling
  • Withdrawal of privileges
  • Removal from class, temporary or permanent
  • Detention, before or after school. Students are given a day's notice to find transportation if needed. Schools are not responsible for transportation.
  • In-school suspension
  • Out-of-school suspension for up to 10 school days
  • Expulsion from school by the Board of Directors for at least ten school days.

Please refer to student handbooks for more information:

HS Student Handbook
MS Student Handbook
ES Student Handbook


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