What is Pupil Services?

The Central Columbia School District provides a full range of special education programs and related services. Most special education services are provided within the district through inclusive classrooms and co-teaching. Additional programs are offered K-12 in the area of Life-Skills, Emotional Support, and Autistic Support. Gifted programming is provided at all levels for students who qualify. Guidance and psychological services are available for grades K-12. Speech and Language services are provided through Bloomsburg University in a unique graduate clinician model.

What is Pupil Services?

Special Education is specially-designed instruction, provided at no cost to the parents, which meets the unique needs of a child with a disability. Specially-designed instruction means that the content, methodology, or delivery of instruction is adapted to meet a child's specialized needs that result from a disability. The instruction helps the child access the general education curriculum so that he or she can meet the educational standards that apply to all children.

Pennsylvania adopted Part 300 of IDEA as part of their Chapter 14 PA Regulations. A copy of the side by side version of Chapter 14 and Part 300 of IDEA can be found on the PaTTAN website by clicking on the following link:

Does Your Child Need Pupil Services?

Your child may be eligible for special education if he or she:

  • Has a disability as defined by IDEA 2004
  • Requires specially-designed instruction

Your child must meet both criteria in order to be eligible for special education.

There are 13 separate disability categories in IDEA. There are three major types of disorders:

  1. Sensory Disabilities - such as visual impairments, hearing impairments, deaf-blindness
  2. Physical and Neurological Disabilities - such as orthopedic impairments, other health impairments, traumatic brain injury, multiple disabilities, autism
  3. Developmental Disabilities - such as specific learning disabilities (SLD), speech and language impairments, emotional disturbance, intellectual disabilities and developmental delay

As a parent, you certainly understand your child and want the best for him or her. In determining how best to help your child succeed in school, you may have questions or concerns about the progress your child is making. If you feel your child is not making sufficient progress and you have discussed your concerns with their teachers and guidance counselors, you may then request that you child be evaluated for additional services. A permission to evaluate (PTE) will be issued for your signature. Once the district receives the PTE with you signature they have 60 days to complete the evaluation.

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